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Posted May 06 2009 1:33pm

Oh, my -- Have I ever been in techo-heck!  Hopefully, thanks to this brand-new (not advertised yet) "premium tech support" program, by Verizon, from which I get my DSL, the problem may now be fixed, but I've said that before, haven't I? 

What a love-hate relationship I have with my computers (yes, it's not a techno-monogamous relationship.) I've been working on computers, really, since 1968 -- which was a corporate job with a whole room full of IBM big, blue boxes, using punchcards.  And that huge system had only a fraction of the memory on the 2 1/2 -pound mini laptop Toshiba portege I use for travel.  Then, I began writing books:  first, with my co-author Riley K. Smith, on an actual (gasp!) typewriter, cutting and pasting with scissors and scotch tape.  That first book took 5 years from start to publication.  As you know from this blog, I just finished writing two whole books in six months with the help of my computer.  I've used a CP/M system, DOS (with Wordstar) and then the whole series of Microsoft operating systems from the beginning.  So, I do understand how helpful computers can be.  But, also so infuriating!  Isn't that just like a long-term, very committed relationship? 

Richard was so supportive during my period of despair with the constant refusal of my computer to allow me onto the Internet (turned out to be a spyware problem, we think)  and the complete breakdown of the larger laptop, which still needs to be totally wiped out and reprogrammed, it seems. He listened to my complaints, soothed me, and comforted me.  What a blessing he is! On the other hand, there are days when he just drives me to distraction.  As Mrs. Ruth Bell Graham once said, when asked if she ever thought of divorcing her often difficult husband, Billy, "Divorce? No.  Murder? Yes."

Dr. Romance knows that getting along with those we depend on is not easy and it's not a smooth, obstacle-free course.  Even when that which we depend on is a computer.  Eric, the online tech who helped today, said (as we waited a long time for scanning processes) he often thought that working with computers was a lot like working with people.  I replied, "But computers aren't as obstinate."  "No," He said, "they can be just as difficult as humans."  Amen, Eric.  If you've had your own kind of obstacles, you might enjoy reading "Into Every Life." and " It's a Dirty Job"

I'm counting my blessings that I'm able to connect with all of you today; the Internet does that so well.  But, not without its problems.  What are your frustrations and blessings?

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