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Tantra: Deep Pelvic Release Work

Posted Jan 27 2009 7:14pm
One of the things I like about this blog is the opportunity to share things about Tantra that might not fit into its media driven image. When I look back at the posts I've done about Tantra so far, I realize that most of them have been about honing in on the gentle sides of it. That's because I've been doing the pre-school basics.

I thought about sharing an exericise today that is intense. But I deleted it. The truth is that the more I thought about it, I considered that it is an advanced exercise that really should be done with a guide present. This exercise, too, is pretty slow, intense and intentional on the surface. But if done correctly, it can become very intense. I believe that the body will not take you places you are not, in the end, ready to visit. But I also know from experience that it sure is nice to have someone there who has done this shit to hold your hand.

There's a theory that every emotional trauma we've had growing up remains stored in our bodies. Wilhelm Reich felt that every psychological disorder has to do with repressed sexual energy. The people who practice Reichian therapy use cathartic breathwork combined with deep tissue release work to free the sexual energy, thereby resulting in happier people. Other schools of thought and practice exist but most all combine some sort of intense bodywork with equally intense breath. I learned this form of bodywork from a man named Jack Painter who teaches it as a part of his total body re-alignment called "Postural Integration." Although I considered taking his full training, I never did make it. So many trainings, so little time......

This theory that the body holds all our emtional trauma includes the pelvic area. It retains all the deep unconscious emotional gunk we experienced as kids with potty training, any sexual abuse or misuse, broken hearts, trust issues, shaming around our genitals, etc. If a person feels trust and safety when the area is focues on, the emotion is remembered then released. This frees the tissue and allows it to feel more sensation, energy and aliveness.

Again, while I don't feel comfortable sharing the whole process, basically it involves finding those areas in the pelvis by finding the "hot spots" and staying there with gently increasing pressure until there is a release. When I call it a hot spot, that's because when you know what you're looking for and learn to focus, the spot is literally hot. You can feel the increased heat there in contrast to the surrounding tissue. With men, you go in the anus. With women you spend time in the anus then move to the vagina.

My experience with others and this process?

Men often refuse to do this exercise in a workshop. Some of their asses are so tight that nothing will penetrate them. Some stay with it, overcoming resistance, some don't.

Men crying in agony over their first recalling of sexual abuse.

A woman flipped, out screaming in rage at her dearly beloved husband because his face had turned into All Men who had ravaged women over the centuries.

Another woman who flipped out because two hours ago this same area was bringing her so much pleasure making love with her husband. Now the pain was excrutiating. She had had enough of his touch, goddamit get his fucking fingers out of her!!!

My personal experience of this the first time I did it:

I trusted my partner completely. He was my Tantrabuddy and we bonded immediately, saw the world the same way. I felt I could open with him and feel safe so I let go of all my boundaries. When I let go of my boundaries, I go pretty deep with this stuff. I went so deep that when the workshop leader man (sigh, swoon) walked by, he tuned into me right away and came over to help my partner. My partner had his hand in my yoni on "a spot," pressing with all he had in him, the other guy had his hand underneath my back on my sacrum with one hand, then pushed with all his body weight on my hip with the other. Snap-crackle-pop go Gillette's hips, over and over as my pelvis re-aligned and I went deper and deeper into my pelvis relaxing into openness and freedom. I had just finished my period three days before. About an hour or so after the session, I started another period. Something was released.

When people ask me about what Tantra can do, I will sometimes refer them to a movie called Bliss. The whole movie is about Tantra, although the word is not mentioned one time. I review it below. If you find an interest here, I would invite you to find:

- A Reichian Therapist- A possible resource for finding one in your area is here. When I did a google search on Reichian therapists, this guy came up first. I know him. I have a link in my Tantra Teachers to Michele Newmark who I call friend and sister and who is an amazing facilitator. Other than that, I would suggest looking in your alternative newspapers and just asking around. They are pretty few and far between in California so am not sure of the ease in finding one elsewhere. Probably some on the East Coast and Chicago. Always lots more of this kind of stuff going on in Europe.

-A Tantric Dakini worker and see if they do this sort of work. Not all of them do it, so you would need to ask if they do and what their training is. If you can wade through the over-the-top woowooness of you can possibly find some on there. Try for teachers and workshops in your area. Quodoshka is supposedly the Native American flavor of Tantra. These folk offer workshops on Body De-armoring. I've heard good stuff about a woman named Ina Meklush.

-Contact Jack Painter's people through the link above and see if they can help you find someone closeby.

And if you're really wanting to do this and cannot find anyone, email me and I will try and help.
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