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Tagged Out Of The Cave

Posted Jan 27 2009 7:15pm
I think about this blog from time to time when I surface from my Surreal Haze. I was visiting my favorite blogs and lo and behold, Mr. Paine tagged me with a meme. So I thought I would peek my head out of my cave and play. I am to write six weird things about me.

1) I am an honorary member of the Daughters of the American Revolution. Go figure.

2) My ex and I both have first names as our surnames.

It gets weirder.

Although I will change the names to, I went like this:
My surname is Mark
My ex's name is Pat Stephens
My mother's name was Pat Mark
My ex's father's name is Mark Stephens


3) I was a lacto-ovo vegetarian for 31 years. I started eating fish three years ago and within two weeks I was devouring sushi, even though I had never wanted fish that whole time and flesh of any kind made me cringe, even the tiny flecks in sauces or broths that non-vegetarians think are OK to feed vegetarians. Still don't do meat, per se, but have had a few pieces of lamb and a few bites of fois gras. When I think of starting to eat meat, I get a hankering for veal, more fois gras, lamb and baby bunny.

4) I am terrified of being on ladders yet have as a lifelong dream and intention to sky dive.

5) For ten years I smoked three packs of cigarettes a day. One morning, I woke up and was out of cigarettes. I looked at my options: find a butt in the ashtray; go to the store; or quit. I, for the first time in my smoking history, decided to quit. And I did. Cold turkey. Never tried or thought to quit before that, never had another cigarette, never missed them. Other things I quit for awhile: had no coffee for six years, no refined sugar for seven years, no alchohol for twelve years. I have restarted all but the cigarettes.

6) I cry a lot at films, but never when everyone else does and usually from being happy or uplifted with what I call “the suchness” of life. Like in Titanic I only cried when Kate Winslet “flew” on the prow of the boat and when she threw the necklace in the ocean. Not a tear when Jack died.

And now I tag... Scarlet, Amanda, LA Player, Thais, Kim, and Livvy.
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