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Tactics Cheating Men Use to Hide Their Summer Affairs

Posted Aug 26 2008 4:19pm
The 3 types of summer cheaters described in my previous post use a number of tactics to hide their summer affairs. It’s interesting to note that travel of some kind figures prominently in the examples below.

NOTE: Not every man who travels or sends his wife on a summer vacation is setting the stage for a summer fling. But being aware of the tactics summer cheaters use can help you safeguard your marriage or relationship, and avoid becoming an unsuspecting victim of summer infidelity. For more ways to spot or prevent summer infidelity, get a copy of my Summer Infidelity tip sheet . (It's free.)

Sending the wife ( and Kids) Away

Some husbands routinely send their wife and kids to the beach, the lake, the mountains, the country, or to visit relatives in another state. Or a man may treat his wife or girlfriend to a trip he knows she can’t resist (a Caribbean cruise, a week at a world-class spa or fancy resort) It’s an effective way to pave the way for “summer play.” Not only has he conveniently removed you from the scene without a fight, he also earns points for being a generous and thoughtful mate. But what’s he up to once you’re safely out of the way? Where is he? Who is he with? How is he spending his time? Consult the free Summer Infidelity tip sheet to find out how to make sure he’s not trying to run a summer scam.

The Separate Vacation Scheme

Has your spouse or significant other suddenly suggested that the two of you take separate vacations this year? Is he a little too insistent about getting away from you and the kids? Has he been constantly harping about how he needs “space” this summer so he can do his own thing? Exactly where is it that he wants to go? And who is he going with? What is it that he wants to do that doesn’t include you? The separate vacation scheme is a common ploy summer cheaters use to lay the groundwork for a summer affair. He could be living it up in Las Vegas with his lover while you’re vacationing somewhere else. If he’s too eager, too insistent, or lobbying a little too hard for time alone, you might want to re-think your summer plans. Employ some of the checks and balances suggested in the Summer Infidelity tip sheet , so you can keep things on the up and up.

Counterfeit Conventions and Bogus Business Trips

In some lines of work, business travel can be used to camouflage a cheating man’s summer affair. If it’s customary for him to travel, he can easily invent a counterfeit convention or a bogus business trip. However, even legitimate trips can give him an opportunity to cheat far from the sight of prying eyes. And if he needs extra time, he can just tack on a few days to allow for fun and games. A summer conference or trade show is the perfect place to pursue a little hanky-panky on the side. And if he’s traveling with female workmates or business associates, he may not have to look far to find a willing partner for a short-term summer affair. The good news is, the Summer Infidelity tip sheet gives you an easy way to check things out, or short-circuit his summer plans.

Fictitious fishing trips

Cheating husbands and boyfriends have been known to disguise a vacation with their summer sweetheart by making you think he’s on a male-bonding-type trip with other guys. Men know that deep-sea fishing, rock-climbing, white-water rafting and other rugged outdoor activities or extreme sports are unlikely to be questioned by the women in their lives. If he misrepresents the tryst with his mistress as a “guys-only” trip with no women allowed, he won’t have to worry about you asking to tag along. But is he really hiking the Appalachian Trail with his buddies? Or is he soaking up sun in St.Thomas with his summer love?”

What You Can Do To About Summer Affairs

In my next post, I’ll tell you what to do if you see signs of a summer fling about to develop, or if you see signs of summer infidelity already taking place. If you’re not sure how to spot the signs, refer to the Summer Infidelity tip sheet (it’s free). You might also want to read the summer infidelity article posted at It tells how 3 wives discovered their husband’s summer affairs, and how one wife successfully dealt with her husband’s request for separate summer vacations. The Summer Infidelity Tip Sheet also contains other suggestions on how you can short-circuit or prevent summer infidelity.

FREE Summer Infidelity Tip Sheet

To request a FREE copy of the Summer Infidelity tips sheet so you can safeguard your marriage or relationship from a summer affair, e-mail with the words “ SI Tip Sheet-B” in the subject line.

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