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Sweet little Amy VS. Freaky little Amy

Posted Aug 05 2008 10:12am
I got a call from a friend today, saying he was a little shocked when he went on my blog and read my material… He went on to say my writing was impeccable, which I appreciated greatly- although waiting to hear if him finding my writing impressive was shocking or if it was something deeper.

It was something deeper.

He said he was shocked because “sweet little Amy” was writing about sex… so openly…My first thought was , “Well how else do you write about sex? Closedly?” ( I know that isn’t a word, thank you)…My second thought was, “ Why does me writing about sex change the “sweet little Amy” image?”

I get this reaction all the time when I meet people and they go to my blog or even hear the name of my blog.Especiallywhen I say " my bedroom blog".

I feel like saying, "It is marketing people! Get a grip!"

I will say first, sex to me is something far different than it is to most people I talk to. It is much deeper, so much less complicated, and something very much connected to the soul and dare I say Creation?

Look around you, the whole world is sex. Duality. Giving and receiving. Positive and negative. The very act of breathing is sexual in nature. You breathe in, you receive. You breathe out, you give. Feminine and masculine. And in a world where we are bombarded every moment with sex on our T.V.’s , in our music, on our billboards, and in our movies…

Why are we all, particularly American’s, walking around with a giant elephant in the room pretending we don’t see it, we don’t hear it, we don't want it, we don’t think about it and we are in no way curious to find out more?

Why did I name my blog, My bedroom blog? Because to me , my bedroom is like my soul… It is where I sleep and where I wake up. It is where I dare to dream, without judgment. It is where I leave this body and go to places where body doesn’t exist. Where limitations don’t exist. Where insecurities can’t enter. It is where I lay my head, lay my mind, surrender to an ending, awake with the promise of a new day and new beginning. It is where I bare my soul… just like my blog.

That and it is something that catches peoples attention (hence the marketing I referred to) and at least draws them to come and see what it is about. Hopefully they find more than they were initially expecting.

So when I speak of sex, I am speaking about creation and passion and connection and the very essence of life. I am not speaking of two people getting it on. I am not speaking of superficial surfaces and games and power struggles. Those may come up in the quest of the experience, because we are human beings having a higher experience. Or maybe we are higher beings having a human experience which I have heard so brilliantly said before…

If you think of all the things a human being desires on very basic levels it comes down to a few things… Food to momentarily end our hunger and sustain us… Water to quench our thirst and keep us alive… shelter to keep us warm and safe from the elements and sex to keep us connected to….

Connected to what, you might ask? Do you think it is crazy to put sex in the necessity category of food , water and shelter? How can it not be??? We have been doing this since the beginning of time? Remember? SINCE THE BEGINNING OF TIME PEOPLE!!!! Or we wouldn’t be here would we?

The reason I write about sex, love and relationships is that I do believe that sex, if acknowledged and respected on a deeper level than society fights to keep it on, than religion tries to deny , suppress and shame it to, if sex becomes a conscious, sacred awakening in us it can be used to evolve us to our inner truth; To the perfection of our essence. To the joy and creation life was and is meant to be. Sex , in this nature, can and will introduce ourselves to OURSELVES again.

So that is why I write about “sex”. Why I write about my own desires, experiences, failures and short comings, good qualities and happy outcomes, all of it. The beauty of connection…

I am still “sweet little Amy” as well as sometimes “freaky little Amy”… and that is ok..

We are all dualistic in nature. It is what we choose to do with the curiosity, the desires, and the opportunities that either enhance who we are or take away from the truth of who we are…I choose to write. To share. To try it all and decide what resonates with my highest truth and what I would rather walk away from and never try again.

But I won’t be one of those people who sits on the sidelines wishing and suppressing while I watch the world around me take the dive only to learn more about themselves and what they truly are made of.

How about you?

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