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Successful Pudendal Nerve Block

Posted Jul 15 2010 8:14am
I thought the heat and the bathing suites were going to do me in, but in the end it was the actual trip that caused me pain.  It took us more than four hours to get to and from the beach.  Even though I was sitting on my cushion, my pudendal nerve flared. 

I started to feel pain in the second hour in the car.  I tried to shift around and find a comfortable position without much luck.  I had intermittent pudendal nerve pain during the holiday weekend, but I wasn't too worried.

After I returned to work, I realized I was in a flare.  Every day it got worse.  The pain was constant.  There was no position I could get into the brought me relief.  By Thursday, every step I took caused a shock of pain.  I've never had that before.  The pain was concentrated around the opening of my urethra.  The area was burning. 

After a trip the gym on Thursday, I knew I was in trouble.  The pain got so much worse after I did a series of sit ups. 

The next day I saw my doctor who suggested a nerve block.  He said it could really help with an acute flare.  He performed an extremely painful vaginal nerve block.  I couldn't help but cry as he located the nerve canal and performed the injections. 

Within a few hours, the tears were worth it, because the area was completely numb.  I wasn't in pain.  I continued to walk gingerly for the next few days, but the nerve block really seemed to knock out the flare. 
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