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Success, failure and flow

Posted Feb 08 2012 10:01pm

I was recently invited to contribute to a telesummit which is called “Unlock the Secret To How Successful Entrepreneurs are Attracting a Continual Stream of Hungry Clients Eager to Buy What They Offer, Consistently Making 6 and 7 Figure Incomes Through a Magnetic MindShift Empowering You to New and Greater Levels of Success!”.

I’m laughing yet the question is relevant enough – given the fact that the only consistency that I represent is the consistency of flow , and that I have a rather relative approach to success .

Success means something different to each of us, I’m sure but I think that the way success feels is rather universal:

It feels like victory, doesn’t it? Like winning a game, or a battle. It feels great.

Because most of the games and battles we play consist of more than one victory and more than one defeat. They kind of come and go in waves.

In most cases, for most people, life happens in spirals, cycles and waves.

As I see it, if you try to make success last, you will fail. But then, if you try to make failure last, you will fail too! :lol:

How about surrender to the natural rhythm of ups and down? That way you just might set yourself free…

Let me be a bit more specific about this:

Even if I’ve surrendered to flow when I was very young, it’s not all that long time ago that I became aware of…

Mostly, “success” comes as a surprise, and mostly, I know that it won’t last… because life goes on… so I  enjoy it – totally! – while it lasts …

Also “defeat” comes as a surprise, typically, and, typically, I know that it won’t last either… because life goes on… and there is peace and joy in that too… (just another shade of joy)….

It’s like enjoying the last glass of wine or the last minute of a sunset… and then enjoying the last hour of intense thirst… or the last hour of darkness… . Fully being there, fully sucking the best out of that passing moment … :-)

It’s not the enlightened “all things must pass” detached neutral sort of an experience … It’s much more sensual and joyous and alive than that! ;-)

I’m sure there are as many answers to that question as there are people on the planet.

Also there are lots and lots of perspectives on how to achieve success. Including my way:

I know and cherish that every single moment of the flow-journey is a miracle and success by design!… including the waves of “success” and waves of “failure” and waves of  everything in between on this wonderful journey.

And because we’re on this journey together:

They can come in all kinds of ways and from all kinds of sources.  And so, it is my pleasure and honor to contribute and to invite you to receive contributions from all the speakers at the upcoming “Achieving A Magnetic MindShift” Telesummit hosted by Cathy Gettings :

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