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Stop The Aches and Pains Of Arthritis With This Herbal Remedy!

Posted Aug 24 2008 9:25pm

Like many people you’ve probably been taking aspirin and ibuprofen to alleviate the aches and pains of arthritis.

However, analgesics like these can cause a number of harmful side effects.

What many people are not aware of is that natural alternatives exist, which can stop pain without the harmful side effects. Ten herbs in particular have been found to be particularly beneficial.

These herbs are turmeric, holy basil, ginger, rosemary, green tea, hu zhang, barberry, Chinese goldthread, oregano and scutellaria.

These ten herbs have been combined into a product called Zyflamend and has been found to offer effective relief against pain caused by anti-inflammatory conditions such as arthritis.

PLUS Studies conducted at the Department of Urology, Columbia University is New York, found that the benefits of the combined herbs were able to slow growth of prostate cancer cells, Zyflamend also doubled the rate at which the cancerous cells self-destruct.

Good to know, even better to try!

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