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STD & Oral sex?

Posted by ABD

Hello, About 20 months ago, my boyfriend gave me oral sex (only once). At the time I wasn't worried about sexually transmitted infections because I thought that receiving oral sex had the same risks as kissing. However, recently I was told that you could catch lots of STDs from oral sex, including HIV. My question is: Could I have HIV from receiving oral sex? My ex boyfriend insists he is completely healthy and also claims he never had any sexual contact before. Could I also catch other STDs from oral sex such as HPV? In addition , 4 months ago or so, I engaged in mutual masturbation and deep kissing with a guy who isn't a virgin. He always uses condoms for vaginal and anal sex (or so he claims), but gives and receives oral sex without protection. Could I get any STDs from getting fingered or deep kissing? Since February I've had a sore throat, earache, low grade recurrent fever etc. Could these be the symptoms of any STDs? Finally, a few days ago I noticed a small red bump on my vagina. It was very itchy and it hurt. The next day it burst but I still feel discomfort in my genital area, it's sore and I noticed a thick whitish discharge coming from my vagina. I also feel pain when urinating. However the last time I had any type of sexual contact was more than 4 months ago. Could this be caused by an STD? Thank you for taking the time to answer my question.
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