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Start by Paying Attention (To Money)

Posted Jul 03 2008 4:12pm 1 Comment

Talk about money. Discuss where it comes from and where it goes, and why.

Money can be a very difficult topic to discuss rationally instead of emotionally. Sometimes the very idea of talking about it makes one or both of you uncomfortable. If this is true for you, talking about money is an especially important thing to do.

Your assignment, should you choose to accept it:

Keep track of all of the money you each spend this week. At the end of the week look at your notes together and decide whether you’re satisfied with how you are using your resources.

This is an excerpt fromBeing Happy Together: How to Have a Fabulous Relationship With Your Life Partner in Less Than an Hour a Week, by Laurie Weiss, Ph.D. You can get more informationHERE.

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