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Sometimes We Hurt

Posted Oct 31 2007 12:00am
Sometimes we hurt, and we just need someone to know that we are hurting. We do not always have to fix what is making us feel pain. Sometimes we need to allow the pain to be what it is, feel it, and allow it to pass through us. It is our resistance to pain that makes it difficult to bear. If you hurt inside, allow yourself to feel your pain. Find someone that you can talk to about it, even if just to tell them that you are hurting. Let them know that you are not asking them for advice or to fix what ever is wrong. You just need to know that someone else knows you are hurting. You will be amazed at how easily the pain passes through you, and how easily you can let it go and move on with grace when you do not fight against it.

The pain of abuse can last for many years, or it can be acknowledged and released. The choice is ours. Hanging on to the hurt gives us justification for anger and a whole host of other self-defeating emotions. If we truly want to heal, we must take responsibility for our own emotions and make the choice to transform them. No one else can "fix" us. Its an inside job.
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