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Someone I know is busy planning ...

Posted Aug 23 2008 8:14pm

fortune_cookies Someone I know is busy planning a wedding and a new life with her husband-to-be. Listening to her talk about the details I feel overwhelmed for her. I’m surprised I haven’t found her huddled in more corners crying herself into sedation.

But no, she perseveres. Each day she crosses more and more things off her to do list and gets more and more excited for the big day. Despite the bummers of wedding planning, honeymoon planning (they are traveling the world for undecided amount of time), moving (did I mention they sold their condo so they can travel?), and managing their own businesses, the couple still seems really happy.

They laugh a lot. They love each other a lot. They are even nice to each other in front of other people sometimes…it’s weird and a little gross.

They started dating about 2 ½ years ago and are still unclear who kissed who first. They are that kind of couple. They fight about the things that are fun to fight about.

About six months into the relationship she knew that she loved him. She went online and found a gift for him to hint at it because there was no way she was going to say it first. She purchased a sterling silver fortune cookie and had the words “You will have good fortune in love” printed on the piece of paper that was tucked inside of the cookie.

She chose these words because of a text message he had sent her months before. He had lunch without her and that was the fortune he received.

Now fast forward a year and half. They are living together and both are very happy. It was a pretty typical night with nothing much going on out of the ordinary. She was watching Grey’s Anatomy on the couch and he was busy ordering Chinese take out.

After the meal he came from the kitchen holding two fortune cookies. He stood before her and opened his. His fortune read: “You will have good fortune in love.”

My friend was speechless. She couldn’t understand how the fortune cookie could actually say that (she’s very literal). Dumbfounded, she just sat there with her mouth open and staring back at him. He had a goofy smile on his face and she was busy trying to figure out what was going on (was he proposing?). He nudged her to open her fortune cookie and once she did she saw the words: “Will you marry me?”

By now he was on his knees in front of her, and he had pulled a tiny box out from beneath the couch.

Like so many people I know that have gotten engaged, she doesn’t really remember what she said or what happened next. She said it was surreal. He said that only seconds after she had the ring she was planning their wedding and trying to decide who to call first.

So now here they are. Colors are decided, fittings are done, the buffet is selected, and the guest list is finalized. What a love story.

I hope they have fortune cookies for dessert. I love those yummy things.

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