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Singing Your Way to Emotional Unavailability

Posted Jul 26 2008 10:19am

Throughout the entire time that I have been writing my new ebookMr Unavailable and the Fallback Girl, my guide to emotionally unavailable men and the very reliable women that love them, I have been listening to a hell of a lot of songs and I realised that many of the songs that I love are about trying to get men that don't want to be got, and saying that you're better than the woman because she can love you better.

I even noticed that onmy recent postabout how Mr Unavailable blows hot and cold on women, only to turn the tables on you and turn YOU into 'The Pursuer', readers started putting songs on like 'Shadowboxer to your phone' by Fiona Apple and Duffy's 'Stepping Stone' suggested by FinallyOverIt, BBP suggests a timeless favourite by Patsy Cline, 'Crazy' and I have seen many others suggested on the forum.

Here are some of my all time favourite songs...can you see a theme, other than the fact that Mary J Blige is the queen of Fallback Girl songs as well as R&B....?

Not Gon' Cry - Mary J Blige(The Flogger Fallback Girl)

"While all the time that I was loving you

You were busy loving yourself

I would stop breathing if you told me to

Now your busy loving someone else"

No Happy Holidays by Mary J Blige(The Other Woman Fallback Girl)

"Christmas you weren't with me, New Year's Eve you were not around

Valentine's came and went, Makes me wonder where your time was spent

Fireworks on the Fourth of July, Thanksgiving was another lie

Your family has never met me, And you've never met mine, no happy holiday"

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