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Simple Steps Towards a Healthier Relationship

Posted Feb 01 2013 2:26am
If you've just experienced a break up from someone, there are things you need to consider if you decide you want to get back together with this person. You need to consider how you truly feel about this person. Do you truly have feelings of love for this person? If the answer is yes, then it is possible to get back together with your ex-lover if you are really willing to work at it.

Once you've decided that you want your relationship to work, that you have deep feelings for this person and you are willing to do what it takes to make this a richer and rewarding relationship, there a four proven steps you can use to make this happen.

Step 1: Accept that the break up happened for a reason. The break up happened because the relationship in it's present form was not working. Going back to the way things were is not an option or a formula for success; it didn't work the first time. Once you can accept this then you can work on making a better relationship with your ex.

Step 2: Do not rush back into the relationship. Remember step one. Getting back together with your ex after a break up does not mean calling them begging them to give you another chance. Give yourself and them time to go over what caused the break up in the first place. Think about what went wrong and what you can do to make the relationship better for you and for them. Get your head and your heart moving in the same direction.

Be honest with yourself, are the things that made your relationship end repairable? Unless it was an abusive relationship, most relationships are repairable. Then ask your self are you willing to make the necessary changes or adjustments to make it work.

Step 3: Forget the past and build on making a positive future. Once you have decided to make a new relationship with your ex, this means you've made your decision about how you feel about this person and are committed to making your new relationship with this person work. Start fresh, this is not the old relationship. Be prepared to start over as friends. Take things slow, get to know the person all over again, and let them get to know you all over again and see the person they fell in love with in the first place.

Step 4: Don't fall back into bad habits. Once you've opened the door to a new relationship with your ex, don't have it shut again by going back to doing the same things that caused it to end. Once that door has shut, you may never be able to open it again. Be focused and committed to making a better relationship.
1. We make our decisions in life. We are not totally helpless. If we are afraid of anything its better to try that thing out and overcome that fear.

2. Sometimes, purposely avoiding arguments and differences can be more caustic to a relationship than the exposure of those differences.

3. There is strength in obedience, but we must have the acumen to know when to stand on our own.

4. Try to depend on your own shoulders and do not set your goals by depending upon other's action.

5. Always remember that there is a reason behind everything what happens.

6. Don't create expectations on others try having expectations on yourself.

7. Don't be shy of being different; no one in the universe is like you so why not be different.

8. Never, never give up, just stick to what you are doing and learn from your failures.

9. Life depends upon three phases: childhood, adult, aged and all of them nourish you with different experiences.

10. The teacher teaches the lesson before examination but life first takes examination then teaches you a lesson.

That's it! I hope these points would provide you with better guidelines to create a healthier relation with your life as they do work for me but I would like to say that live your life with a total supreme as no one knows if there is any tomorrow.

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 So the thought of making up with a person becomes very difficult, because this will require you to put yourself on the line all over again. But there are simple things you can do in order to make making up easier, in this article I'm going to discuss two things you can do that will make making up not so hard to do.

You need to ask the other person what they are willing to do to make things better this time around.

Sometimes making up is only easy if you or the other person is willing to do certain things to improve the relationship. If both of you come into it with stubborn attitude that nothing will change and the relationship will slowly resolve all over again. Both of you must be willing to make changes which will make the other person more comfortable in the relationship.

Do not think of this as compromising yourself, your goal is to patch up the relationship and ultimately heal it. Every relationship goes through some sort of turbulence, and once you've gone through this turbulence hopefully your relationship can be stronger than it was before.

After you have talked about what you can do to make things better, think about going to therapy or some kind of counseling together.

So many people have stigmas as it concerns therapy or counseling, but it is really an excellent way to communicate with each other. The reason why so many couples go to counseling is because they have a hard time talking to each other about these things. Being able to have a third-party person to force you into talking to each other is sometimes the only way.

After you have made up with somebody consider going to counseling just to make sure everything is clear. I understand this will not be an option for everyone, but it is definitely a choice to consider for those who are serious. Hopefully after you have made up and attended some sort of counseling, then you'll be able to communicate with each other without the help of a third party.
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