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Posted Feb 19 2009 6:28pm

Cultures that live close to the earth have been reading signs forever. Owls, hawks, totems, cowry shells, rocks, tea leaves, chicken guts all carry messages to those that assign meaning.

We have tarot cards, runes, the I Ching. Jung brought this concept into the modern times, explaining it all with the concept of synchronicity. We all know the twilight zone feeling of hearing the perfect song sending a message to us when we're thinking about something.

Portents. Signs. Omens. Meanings. Sychronicities.

So there I was, walking in the country, as I'm wont to do these days.

Country roads are generally bumpy. The bumpiness on our road is due to two factors:

1) erosion from rain creating gullies that often feel like canyons (...exaggerate??? Moi?)
2) rocks of varying size and location which I'm sure would make a great training course to be a stunt woman in an action film drive scene. (OK, fine, yeah, I'm exaggerating a bit ) I'm walking, listening to my morning speerchul tapes, feeling at peace with the world.

Now, in order for this story to have full impact, one has to know something about me.

My mothering years trained me to not notice things that upset messes. After much practice, this talent has transferred into other areas and has become all encompassing. Yeah, like to the point that I can be really good at not seeing stuff right in front of me. Yeah, like, if I'm lost in my thoughts, I can even be looking right at you and not recognize you. It's true. I've done it before. More than twice. (hangs head in shame)

So...this morning on my walk, in my usual state of oblivion. I am walking on the side of the road, as I do. I happen to come out of my fog and see, up ahead, a mediumish white rock in the middle of the road. I think to myself, hm...that might not be a good one to run over.

Then, as I get closer, I notice that on top of this rock is another smallish rock. This rock is black.

As I get closer, I see that this smallish black rock on top is a heart shaped rock.

As I get even closer, I I... is it a rock? It's heart shaped, but....


It's a piece of dog poo.

A heart shaped dog turd. On a rock. In the middle of the road. And I noticed it.

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