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Sexting: Secret Conversation While In The Same Room (Video)

Posted Mar 21 2011 10:00am

Sexting is a super hot way to stay in touch with your girl when you’re not together, but can you use it to entice your lover while you’re in the very same place together? You bet! Having a private talk with your partner when you’re just a few feet away from them (especially if you’re doing something else entirely) is incredibly hot and will have your girl melting in minutes. Here’s how to do it:

Click here to view the embedded video.

Having a special talk between you and your partner that no one else knows about is an incredible way to turn your partner on. If you’ve used sexting before to get her hot and had success with it, it will make this technique even better. She’ll be least expecting a naughty message from you describing how you would give her oral sex (in detail) while she’s sitting across from you. This is an excellent way to make a boring meeting suddenly hot and steamy.

The best way to use this technique is to do it while you and your partner are together in a place where PDA or public sex would be completely and utterly inappropriate. If you’re sitting across from each other in an area where nobody else is around, you’re not going to be able to have very much fun with it. But if you’re somewhere that being a little risqué would be considered taboo, the heat is on. For example, if you are together at a meeting, at a party or during dinner with friends. You can make this technique even steamier by doing it while you and your partner are engaged in a conversation with other people.

The fact that you’re near her while having this secret chat but can’t act on what you’re saying or how you feel is what is so powerful about sexting while you’re in the same vicinity together. There are lots of different things you can say to your lover to create an amazing level of heat between the two of you, and the right texts will get her imagination going and keep it going all day – or at least until she can get her hands on you and start ripping your clothes off!

The use of sensual language while you’re sexting your partner is probably the most important aspect of this technique (and any sexting technique, really). Sensual language is what is going to unlock her sexual desire and get her imagining doing very, very naughty things with you. For example, if you simply say “I want to do you,” you’re not going to evoke a response from her in the least. However, if you change your language a little bit and say, “You look so incredibly sexy over there, my erection is straining against my jeans just looking at you. I can’t wait to get home and do you,” you’re going to get her turned on pretty much instantly. A secret sexting chat in the same vicinity might go something like this:

Example 1:

You say: “Stop it….” or “Stop it ;)

She says: “Stop what? ”

You say: “Stop distracting me…I keep getting fixated on the curve of your neck and the way your ass looks in that dress.”

She responds: “Really?”

You say: “If I could right now, I would…”

She says: “Would what?”

You say: “Push you down on that table over there…kiss my way down your back…drag your panties down your legs and take you right here in front of everyone.”

She says: “Hmmm…would you really?”

You respond: “Do you have any idea how sexy you are?”

She says: “I’m starting to….”

You can really build on this and change it up to suit where you are with your lover or what you’re doing at that point in time. Having a chat like this with your lover is almost like a personalized, live and interactive erotic novel or a porn that your partner can participate in and that is completely private and just between the two of you!

Dirty talk can be incorporated into sexting very easily and is part of using exciting, sexual language to evoke your lover’s emotions. Use words like, “hot, wet, clitoris , need, desire, sexy, lick, touch, etc.” The right kind of language will have your lover melting before you can even get her home and take her clothes off!

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