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Sexting: Keeping It Hot While You’re Away On Business (Video)

Posted Mar 15 2011 10:00am

Sexting is such an incredible way to keep your partner turned on and thinking about you (and what she wants to do to you or what she wants you to do to her) while you’re away on the job. It’s easy for two partners to grow apart a little sexually when they’re not near each other physically, but that doesn’t have to happen to you when you use your cell phones (and even your email) to your advantage. Here’s how to use sexting to keep things on fire while you’re out on the job.

Click here to view the embedded video.

Remember that old saying, “out of sight, out of mind?” It applies here too. If you’re out on the job and haven’t been home for a few days or weeks, it’s not unlikely that your partner isn’t going to be thinking about you as much sexually. In fact, she may be replacing you in her sexual fantasies with other guys (even if she’s not cheating ) or porn or erotic novels.

You want to be the only one she’s thinking about sexually while you’re gone, don’t you? Instead of her thinking about other guys during your extended leave, you want her thinking only about you and fantasizing about what you and her like to do together behind closed doors. This isn’t as difficult to achieve as you may think. In fact, sexting alone will keep her turned on while you’re away and even create amazing reunion sex when you get back.

Sexting is so effective at keeping your lover’s thoughts on you while you’re gone that she may want you to go away for your job more often! When you’re sexting, you’re building your lover’s excitement by really working with her imagination and emotions. This is way better than an erotic novel or porn , because it’s tailored specifically to her sexual interests and allows her to get involved too.

While sexting of any kind is sure to get her blood boiling while you’re out, there are actually two specific kinds of texts that you can use to really ramp up her sexual excitement.

The “If You Were Here” Fantasy

This is a great sex fantasy to use if you’re stuck somewhere (like an airport or a hotel) and have time to kill. If you’re thinking about her while you’re waiting for your flight, why not send her a text and let her know what’s going through your mind? Remember that this is simply a fantasy about what you would do if your partner were actually there with you, and it doesn’t have to be realistic at all. Say something like:

“I’m imagining what I would do if you were here right now, wearing that little black dress of yours, smiling at me with those beautiful eyes, drawing the attention of all the guys in the bar, swishing your hips as you walk back to my hotel room with me so we can….”

The “….” is very important here, because this is where her imagination is going to fill in the gritty details about what you would actually do in the hotel room. She’s certainly not going to be imagining sitting in the foyer of the hotel drinking coffee with you. She’s going to be imagining giving you a sloppy wet blowjob as you slide her dress up her soft, milky thighs….you get the picture.

The “When I Get Home” Fantasy

This is a great text to use when you’re near the end of your trip and you’re getting ready to come home. Think about this as foreplay – it builds incredible anticipation and excitement for the moment of reunion and getting back together. This technique works even better if you give her specific instructions for when you get home – for example, what you want her to be wearing when you come home or what you want her to do as soon as you walk in the door. Say something like:

“I’m counting down the hours….”

“You can’t imagine how it’s going to feel when I finally touch you again….”

“Don’t wear panties when you pick me up….”

Anything that you can say to let her know that it’s going to be really hot and steamy when you get home is going to get her imagination working and start things moving in the right direction for an incredibly sexy and wild reunion.

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