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Sexless Husband - Methods to Kick Start Your Mans Passions

Posted Feb 09 2010 2:34am
While it is often men who are unhappy about not getting enough sex in marriage, there are also women who live with a sexless husband and are just as frustrated with their situation as any man could be. In the end they don't know if they have caused the problem to exist or if it was here all along.

Sex forms a vital role in any relationship so keep reading to find out how it is still possible for you to reignite the chemistry with your husband.

Don't Be Too Aggressive

Most men would relish a wife who was keen to take the initiative, but if a husband is not keen for sex, it will do you no good to force your hand too hard. The overt advances may actually have the opposite effect.

Try Not To Let Your Negative Emotions Make Things Worse

It is important that you don't allow the resentment that builds up to become a factor in your relationship.

Do your best to resolve issues no matter how small before they flare up out of control.


Communication prevents you from keeping this resentment from being bottled up.

Being able to facilitate an honest talk about your marriage, its problems and its lack of a physical element is difficult but is vital for you to cure your sexless husband and revive the passion in your marriage.

For more information about how Sexless Hubbies can be coaxed back to love and intimacy click below to discover exactly how to do this.

Sexless Marriage Advice
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