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Sex on Period – Useful Tips For Better Sex Life

Posted Jun 10 2011 4:44pm

So, you and your man want to have sex, but you’re on your period. Don’t worry, today I will give you some useful tips how to have sex during your period and to understand bet how you’re going to deal with things such as this. You’re also going to read here about risks for you and your sexual partner, worries related to this topic that comes into your head, speeding up your menstruation, and is sex during menstrual cycle messy.

First, there are some really important issues for you to know. Those issues are about risks that you and your partner will have. Sex during your period doesn’t pose any additional health risk to you or your partner. There is also much higher risk of getting some STDs during sex on period.

Can sexual intercourse speed up your menstruation?


During orgasm there are a number of muscular contractions, which can help to speed up menstruation. Additionally, semen contains hormones responsible for causing muscle contractions in lower part of your body, and therefore causes the rest of your menstrual blood to be quickly shed.

Is sex during menstrual cycle messy?


Women and men often don’t like having sex during menstruation because of the mess that it can cause. So yes, sex during menstrual cycle is messy according to many people that I’ve talked to.

Are there any other things to do while I’m on my period?


I was hoping that someone will ask that.  

Yes! Not only that you will do some other stuff during your period, but you will also improve your relationship and your sex life. If you ever asked yourself how to seduce your man, blow his mind and keep him forever, then your answer is very simple. You need to learn how to give a blowjob. Men don’t like to have intercourse during your period, so this is the perfect time for you to learn how to give head.


Most women are not giving good head because they never put in the effort to actually figure out how to give a proper blowjob. Some of you might not like it, I know, but you need to understand why it’s so important for a good relationship. If you’re great at giving your man oral sex, then he will love you and adore you more than you could ever imagine.

Basic stuff of a great blow job are not any special secrets or whatever techniques. What you’re looking for is a great attitude. No one wants to look at a girl that is bored and looks as if she’s doing this only because it’s a chore. Then your man feels as he was forcing you to do it and then both of you can’t really enjoy it.

Your first and main goal of the blowjob is to convey how much you’re enjoying it to him. Believe it or not, a man’s orgasm also comes from the mind as well. He needs to see the love and passion for giving him head in your eyes.


Sex on period can be great thing, all you need is to do the right thing in the right way.


If you want to learn more about sex on period, you should check out this amazing site with all answers by clicking here  

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