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Sex is Recession Proof; Love is Depression Proof

Posted Mar 03 2009 2:21pm
In the wake of dire predictions of our current economic crisis and, even more so, actually dealing with the reality of shrinking bank accounts, a poor real estate market and tons of fraud, many people are experiencing psychological highs and lows as well as multiple stress related physical symptoms. A great antidote to depression, sleeplessness and general malaise is sex. Sex, with or without penetration or orgasm, though both are pluses, produces more than psychological benefit. When individuals are aroused their bodies release natural feel-good endorphins. These endorphins help keep the body healthy and spirits high.

Reaching out to those you care about and even those who may be less fortunate than you are and need your help, also helps keep you happier. Good relationships and loving connections produce hormones that are known as “happy hormones” or “live longer hormones” that help keep individuals healthier and alive.

There is even reason to reach out for the one glass of red wine which produces energy additive antioxidants which keep stamina going and help your bedtime activities stay active. In addition, “forbidden” delights such as chocolate can also be heart healthy in many ways. flavonoids fight disease, and antioxidants prevent some of the risk factors associated with heart attacks and strokes. Chocolate is also rich in an amino acid called phenyl ethylamine, the "love chemical” that serves as a natural anti-depressant. Of course if you break out in acne or your waist line enlarges or you have diabetes, these preventative joys are not a good idea. Warning: use with caution and consult your health professional before you change your diet.

During the great depression families got closer, not more distant. Precisely because of the duress due to the times, they needed each other and reached out for support and sustenance. They also had less time and/or interest in divorce, acquisitions of unnecessary items and extraneous costly activities.

So, under our current economic stress, don’t quit and certainly don’t be a loner. Join with those you care about. Keep doing activities that you enjoy (even though you may have to scale down frequency or be innovative about how to afford them.) Eat some otherwise ‘forbidden foods”, have sex with those you care about, not those who are simply handy such as your postal person or hairdresser, and certainly open your heart to demonstrate love to those you truly care about. Think about sex and love as the best prescriptions for your health. And the best part is that they are free.
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