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Secondary Anorgasmia From Spinal Cord Injury

Posted by spinalcordinjured

About 10 years ago, I suffered a spinal cord injury at the T10 level.

As a result, I have not experienced an orgasim since that time.  I've read lots on my injury and how to cope with the various impacts it has had and how to best manage it.  However, I can find very little information on anorgasima caused by spinal cord injury.

I am hoping someone can help with some questions:

I've read that anti-depressants such as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) can create anorgasmia.  Is there an drug or mechanism that can create the opposite effect to SSRI's?

Is there some new research or treatment on localized nerve regeneration?

Are there treatments for anorgasmia due to spinal cord injury?



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I don't know about a drug, but i have come across some information on the website Loveexpos dot org where they give classes in working with evolutionary orgasms as opposed to procreational organsms. These evolutionary orgasms work with the energies of Unconditional Love and do not rely on the touching of sexual organs. You might take a look and read some of the experience reports.
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