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Sailing, Sailing

Posted May 06 2009 1:33pm

I'm posting this aboard the Holland America Ryndam, heading around the tip of Baja California, on the way to Puerto Vallarta.  The 10 of us traveling together are all connected by the newlyweds, Mitch and Jackie.  As Mitch's father's wife put it, our group consists of the newly weds, his parents, two stepmothers, two stepfathers, and the bride's parents.  I'm one of the stepmothers.  Our group is amazingly congenial.  My husband (who was married to Mitch's mother, helped to raise Mitch, and has been married to me for the last  25 years) and I have been close to Mitch's mom and her current husband for the whole 25 years, and we've seen Mitch's dad and his wife on occasion, and we spent three weeks in Thailand with Jackie's mom and dad last June, after the wedding.  So, I guess that means we're a modern family.  Although we all had a bit of trepidation before starting on this trip, we've been having a great time together, dancing every night before dinner, eating most meals together, and bumping into each other in all sorts of activities.  Tomorrow is our first port, Puerto Vallarta, and we're going to hire a van and driver for a city tour and then go to Richard's and my favorite restaurant, La Palapa, right on the beach, for lunch. 

Dr. Romance is fascinated by all the connections.  Mitch's mom, for example, is here with two ex-husbands and her current spouse.  Mitch has to deal with six parents, and Jackie is the bridge between her mother, who only speaks a little English, and the rest of the group.  Still, with goodwill and a desire to get along, all of it can work.  Dr. Romance calls this a " Family of the Heart"

I grew up in a small upstate NY town where everyone stayed together forever.  It's a brave new world now, and we all have to make it up as we go along.  We're having happy travels.  How about you?

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