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Rude Food

Posted Jul 17 2012 5:04am

By Faith Atwell

An aphrodisiac is a food reputed to increase sexual desire, and as everyone knows (at least hopefully!) the word comes from the Greek goddess of love and sex, Aphrodite.

Throughout the centuries aphrodisiacs have been used by both sexes to lure potential partners and help with the art of seduction. You have no doubt heard many claims over the years about certain foods increasing your libido, but do any of them work? Are any of them remotely true?

Many rude foods have been tested in the past and sometimes the results are inconclusive, sometimes baffling. However, the following foods have been tried and tested over and over for their libido enhancing properties and are backed up with facts rather than just hearsay. 

Good news! Rude food is healthy

Many aphrodisiac foods are super healthy. You may not think it if you walk into your local fishmongers but there are certain types of fish that will perk you up in the bedroom as well as in the kitchen. Oysters are a well-known and traditional aphrodisiac, partly due to their shape (said to resemble female genitalia) and the potential value of a hidden pearl within!  However, it’s not just their high price and shape that help lure a lover; it is the content of rare amino acids that help trigger an increase in levels of sexual hormones in the body. Not only that, but oysters contain high levels of zinc, a lack of which is reported to cause impotence in men. The legendary womanizer Casanova was reported to eat up to 50 oysters for his breakfast, though don’t think you have to try and equal that record. Drinking an oyster from its shell looks like a seductive act in itself; just be very careful when shucking them so you don’t cut yourself and ruin the moment!

It’s good to get fruity

More healthy foods here, this time with fruits helping you get fruity. Watermelon contains a substance known as Citrulline, an amino acid which in watermelon is concentrated even more in the rind. Citrulline is a known stimulator of nitric oxide, which may relax and expand blood vessels (similar to Viagra) and may even help to increase libido. I’m sure many of you glazed over the science bit there and just concentrated on what was in the brackets!  What better way to get you both in the mood than sucking on some sweet, juicy and guilt-free watermelon?

Strawberries contain a lot of antioxidants so are very good for your health, which will always help with libido.  Strawberries – the fruit of love, are shaped like hearts… mostly anyway.  These gorgeous looking berries taste sweet and sexy and emit a seductive smell.  They are also covered in hundreds of tiny seeds that represent fertility. Try them dipped in chocolate, which also has aphrodisiac properties.


Yes, you read that right; women often joke that chocolate is better than sex! But why not have both? Chocolate has properties that increase your mood, Phenylethylamine and Serotonin so that when you eat it, you feel good all over – and not just because of the delicious taste. Studies have shown that women with a normally low sex drive reported a higher degree of sexual satisfaction when consuming chocolate daily! Hardly surprising, eh ladies?

So, why not try some delicious fresh strawberries dipped in melted dark chocolate – even the thought of feeding them to your lover is sexy – and just see where your fantasies take you.

Want More?

More ideas for erotic cooking and aphrodisiacs can be found in Passion’s ‘The Erotic Cookbook,’ available online.

Faith Attwell is the founder of Passion Online, an adult shop  established in 1999. She loves food, cooking and of course, everything sexy!

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