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Report From The Home Front

Posted Nov 22 2009 10:01pm
Well, here we are coming upon another Holiday season. Mymymy, time flies.

It's now been five months since D went back down south. Five and a half, to be more precise. And four months since I've seen him.

There is more of the same and less of the same. We go through cycles of talking often. Then when life gets intense down there, he goes silent for a bit. The periods of silence took their toll on me and...I've adapted. This relationship hammered just about every last vestige of expectation out of me. I consider that a blessing, actually. Today, anyway ;)

Albert and I have continued to see each other once or twice a month. Our times are always short, sweet, perfect and fun. I've been to the Ritz at Half Moon Bay, lots of time in San Francisco (Boulevard try the orgasmic food and wines). Had a wonderful adventure at Yoshi's in Oakland...great sushi then great jazz. We saw Garrison Keillor. Went to a local winery and learned they make my new favorite red wine: Temperanillo. It's a Spanish grape. Had it for the first time about a month ago. OoohboyYumCity! We are off to Napa soon for a night of decadence and, yes...more wine.

As reported in earlier posts, I've been working a temporary job. Actually, two. My days are filled to the brim and in traditional Gillette fashion, I've done a fine job of burning out. Did manage to catch myself before complete meltdown and took this weekend off. A. Good. Thing.

I've had no time for computers, which is very nice in some ways. I miss reading blogs, but simply have no time between work and social butterflying. (I'll be back commenting more after the holidays when the job is over).

When not working, I've been going out more. Been seeing lots of music: The Duhks, Po Girl, Jai Uttal. All were wonderful, and my vote goes, hands down, to The Duhks. If you ever have opportunity, GO see them. So much fun and happies.

Lots of film:

Bright Star - great film. But why-oh-why do all romances have to be so fucking depressing?

An Education: Good film. Bad man. Bad. Wanted to hit him. First time I've seen Emma Thompson be a booger, so that was fun.

2012 - A comedy cleverly disguised as an apocalyptic film. The effects funny....especially the part when LA was falling apart and he was driving ahead of the earth splitting apart. Give me a break with the scene when he goes under the crashing building. Perhaps it was the comments of the Jersey friend sitting next to me on one side and the hilarious gay friend on the other that made the film so enjoyable. (xoxoxox) I did find the explanation of why it was all happening interesting, though..that Solar flares sent out neutrinos that heated the Earth's core in microwave fashion which causes everything to shift from the pressure. My Inner Nerd loved that.

The Men Who Stare At Goats: saw that one last night. LOVED it. It was hilarious, packed full of subtle, intelligent humor. Or maybe that was just my label of it because it made me laugh so much., again, I was often the only one laughing in the audience...or one of very few. So maybe it's that I have a very odd sense of humor... Hm. Pondering...

I am excited about two movies coming out: Avatar and The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus. And I'm looking forward to the next two films on my "must see" list: Pirate Radio and Precious. So cool. Love films.

(sorry about not linking to all these films' pages...the restaraunts, the musicians...too lazy and I trust your ability to find them if you want to).

I've been a bit lax on my Nona detail with all the busies and such. But did babysit today after making some brunch (tofu, kale, broccoli, feta scramble; my world famous breakfast potatoes; blueberry and almond coffee cake) for myself and my two sweeties A and J (who I still stay with as they graciously continue to invite me into their lives and yous guys). daughter needed a bit o' nookie after taking care of sick kids for two weeks so she whined and cajoled until I relented. She and her guy got some in another location whilst I watched the kidlettes. Gotta take one for the team from time to time, yes? And boy, let me tell ya....I racked up MAJOR Nona units today. Yes, to be reminded of just how cranky a two year old cranky kid can be. Jeebus...

I'm doing some sex coaching. I like it and feel it's something I'm good at; that those who come to the sessions get something out of them. It's such a blessing and honor to be with others in such an intimate context. So wondrous to be witness to transformation and people opening to themselves and the ones they love when they are so fearful of what will happen when they try to "unguard" their hearts. So beautiful. So brave. We are such tender critters.

Lots going on around me in terms of relationship stuff with those I love. I'm hoping that J has a new lover soon. I'm happy that A is feeling content in her various loves. I'm excited that my Mariah is being persued by a number (over 6) of men who are 34 (we wonder what that's all about). I'm happy for R's renewed renewal with her Hunny (one whose energy I adore). Another friend is getting laid after a few years of celibacy. What a huge heart that woman has and I'm so happy for her. Babygirl is being herself. I got to find out she's going to be deployed next year from a post she put on Facebook. (rolls eyes :) ) She talks about different guys, talked about a bit of discomfort at the workplace with men. But nothing big and I believe she's happy.

Life's full of little moments both difficult and happy and everything in between. I'm doing a tidy job of not thinking about things...except when I am. But not today. Today feels good. I'm happy I took the weekend..that I played and saw films and am off now to shower and get ready to go to our downtown Pre-Christmas celebration.

And if I don't make it back here (which I might or might not) before Thanksgiving, let me take this opportunity to wish you a sweet time with those you love. I will be cherishing my moments.

Happy Thanksgiving LA-LA-LA!
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