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Relationship Stories

Posted Jan 27 2009 7:13pm
It's been an interesting couple of weeks, watching the dramas of relationship of those in my world...

Tale 1

I recently had contact with a man I haven't seen for awhile. He used to be married. I'm not sure when his impotence developed, but it did. The wife tried...she waited, she went to various people to find help for them.

She asked him to please pleasure her in other ways than cock in pussy...but to no avail. Then she asked that he allow her to find pleasure elsewhere since he didn't want to share it with her. She wanted to stay with him, to keep their family intact. She just wanted to live.

He could not go there. So, even though it brought her great pain, she left him.

She met lovers...and finally after a few years found a lover to adore her, show her he loved her in all ways. They are happy, happy, wandering the world, loving and living.

The ex husband is alone.

My opinion???...happiness and delight for her that she chose to be alive.

Sadness for his choosing fear over love, acceptance and life.

What's really interesting is the amount of judgment toward the wife, the sympatico for the husband. But these people don't know the story.

Tale 2

There was a man, a friend, an "interest." I was a confidant of sorts, and an "interest" to him (or so he said).

He was seeing someone. Both acknowledged they were wounded, healing from past hurts in relationship. They came together carefully (or so he said...all this information is from him). His words to me were that he felt close to her, cared deeply for her, but she would never be a passionate love affair. He told me that he saw them continuing for a short while, then soonly organically falling apart.

I had concern for her, worry for her as it seemed her feelings were stronger for him than his were for her. At least, this is what he told me in many ways...and what I read in her.

But then a funny thing happened....she met someone who clearly adored her, focused on her, made her feel alive and happy in ways that made her feel loved.

All of a sudden, now that she's found love, he's "the wounded and betrayed one," and will not continue their friendship.

My opinion???...happiness and delight for her that she chose to be alive.

Sadness for his choosing fear over love, acceptance and life.

Tale 3

There is another man, a man I had great interest in many years ago.

I never understood what we were was a grand trippy thing. Awhile back someone mentioned that we had "dated" and I was honestly confused...had to say that I didn't think we had ever done so. But he taught me lots, was one of my greatest Teachers. I spoke of him here.

We've been hanging out lots these past few weeks. He is in love!!! I can't begin to express the happiness I feel that he's opened himself up to this relationship. I like her lots (she's been hanging out, too) and feel so blessed that we never got together because we were so mismatched (what WAS I thinking???) and "they" are so perfect.

It's been sweet hanging out with them, thinking of all the history that we share.

My opinion???'s never too late. We are different people at different cycles of life and one can never predict the future if we open ourselves to loving. I am happy and delighted for both of them that they chose life and love. Together.

Tale 4

A young woman I know met a man a few years's along (very long) distance relationship. They are both passionate arteests so passion runs high.

He is going through some difficult times....she is striving to create her life. With all the internal battles and stresses, the distance, the inability to communicate and connect...they struggle overcoming their pain and walls.

I wonder where they will end up.

My opinion???....I don't have one on this one. I counsel her to listen to her heart. As long as she does that...learning to discern the "shoulds" from the messages of her innermost yearnings.... sometimes we choose to continue and find our ways together, sometimes apart. Life simply is what it is.

I wish them both happiness and wings, fully embracing life and love, whatever that means for them.

My deeper looking at my relationship and these others? That relationship is more about choice than anything else. That I can choose to be happy or un...choose to engage with others or not...isolate myself and decide to refuse love depending on what I want or don't want in my life. That no matter what our age, we're just making these choices, then living with the ramifications of them. There isn't any "right" way to do it, we're just doin' it, with varying results of happies or un.

And for some reason, this song keeps running through my mind

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