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Recycling ex's...

Posted Mar 14 2011 1:29pm
Recycling ex\'s... Today, I had no idea what to write about...

So, I went straight to Facebook...

First person to give me an idea...I said I would write about.

Today's topic...given to me by Reid Scelza..

Recycling ex's.


Living in LA for years, I became quite the re-cycler. You really have to be. They make it very easy to do...

Wait, you thought I was talking about old lovers?

No, I am talking about

When it comes to ex's...I think the ex stands for EXIT. Out the door. Leave the 'building'. No re-entrance...

You are just asking for a complete mess if you start double dipping into your ex-source pool...or is that ex- cesspool?

I have never gone back and hooked up with an ex. If I left...or they left me...that door is closed. There are too many other options out there to go back to something that didn't work out in the first place.

I know this...because even running into an ex...years later...if we sit down for a cup of coffee or a takes about 2.2 seconds to fall right back into the pattern of communication that we had established. Goes for the same in the bedroom. If it didn't work then...why would it work now?

Hooking like adding hot wasabi to soy's gonna burn..and not in an STD kind of way...

On the other hand...there is the argument that it is simply already know each other...if it was good before, no reason it wouldn't be again...and it doesn't add to your numbers...

What do you think?

To recycle and ex...or not to recycle an ex...that is the question.

At the end of the ex is not a water bottle...quickly that little green bin...on to a landfill...never to be seen again.

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