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Question about having sex for the first time of having sex for the first time in 2yrs

Posted by unknownperson23

Is it possible that my gf may have popped her cherry for the 2nd time in here life after we made love to each other for her for the first time in 2yrs because we're both worried that there could be something wrong with her having bleeding this morning and she has had bleeding through out the day today and we know that she's been off of her period for almost a week now and if there is something wrong is their somthing we could do to see medical attention for it?
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 Vaginal bleeding after sex means bleeding during sex or just after having sexual intercourse, when you're not menstruating or don't expect to be menstruating. Vaginal bleeding after sex most commonly develops in women between the ages of 20 and 40. Your cervix — the narrow, lower end of your uterus — is usually the source of vaginal bleeding brought on by sex, especially before menopause. Even if you have a healthy cervix, enough friction during sexual intercourse can cause bleeding. Inflammation of the cervix or some other abnormality can also result in bleeding.
In most cases, vaginal bleeding after sex is the result of harmless cervical changes, many of which don't require treatment.
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