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PSG Declares: Self-Awareness is the New Black!

Posted Jan 11 2011 12:00am

Self –awareness is "in"! Actually, it’s been "in" for a very, very long time. At PSG, self-awareness is the new black. It exists not merely as a trend of the psych-world, but more as an important component of how we think, feel, and act. If the little black dress is the most essential fashion staple a girl can own, then self-awareness is the most important trick to have up our cognitive sleeves. Not only does it go with everything, but having this attribute in your mental closet is one of the smartest, sexiest, and most flattering traits to own. A new year is upon us, and as with years past, most of us view this as a fresh start. We often utilize this period as a chance to make extreme changes in our lives, construct goals, and attempt to make a conscious effort to be our best selves. The outcome, we hope, is to become healthier, happier, more fulfilled people. Growth and enhancement is fabulous, and most great things that happen start with some sort of idea or aspiration. However, being single in New York can often mean that we are hyper aware of what we want, and often unaware of what we really need. There is so much access and so much at our fingertips that it is easy to focus on the external versions of ourselves that are presented from day to day. This often comes at the expense of fully developing the inner self, with which we must ultimately be happy. We’ve all heard it before: ultimately external things like shopping, fancy memberships, and wealth will not fulfill us in the long run.  As humans we are goal oriented by nature, not just as it pertains to our basic needs (food, water, shelter), but also our emotional needs (self-image, respect, love, friendship). However, some find it hard to produce lasting improvement in their lives, especially when it comes to resolutions. You know the standard ones: weight loss/exercise, curbing the bad habit(s), getting organized, financial gain, etc. Often we start out full force and by March we’re wondering what happened while hovering over a tray of chocolate éclairs (*guilty*), or peering from behind a mountain of yet to be organized (fill in with your clutter of choice). That is where self-awareness comes in. For how can we produce lasting change in our lives if we don’t even know who we are or how we tick, and why.
What does it mean to be self-aware? Here are some key areas to think about:

~Understanding how you see yourself as a person-self image has a lot to do with the choices we make and the limits that we prescribe for ourselves
~Understanding the way that you relate to others-how we interact and relate to our friends, family and even strangers tells us a lot about ourselves and our expectations
~Understanding how you need to improve as a person-as adults it is crucial to take some accountability for our circumstances and situations that we find ourselves in
~Understanding what your most important values and beliefs are-the values and beliefs that we hold dear affect our thoughts and behaviors
~Understanding things that you want in your life-aspirations keep us moving forward and provide balance
~Understanding what motivates you-knowing our greatest motivators aids tremendously in the attainment of a goal
~Understanding what makes you happy-truly happy
~Understanding your areas of strength-recognizing our strengths and using them for good benefits everyone
~Understanding things that are a challenge for you- everyone struggles with something and these are often the source of our goals, for challenges ¹ limits
~Understanding your achievements thus far- recognizing and focusing on achievements rather than dwelling on failures can be the best motivation

Self-awareness is a lifelong process and should be a priority for all of us. Over the next few months, PSG will be taking time to focus on each of these aspects of self-awareness with the goal of becoming more empowered, mindful individuals. PSG challenges you to make self-awareness your #1 objective this new year. I promise that it will never go out of style ;)
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