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Proposition 8

Posted Jan 27 2009 7:13pm
It's been a very long time since an election has had me frothing at the mouth like this one does (at least four years ;) )

Thanks to McCain's choice for VP and Saturday Night Live, I'm now fairly confident that Obama will win...well, I should probably qualify that:

If votes are actually cast on paper so there is a trail instead of machines that vote for McCain when people clearly vote for Obama (which has already happened somewhere where they can vote early),

... if people's registrations are not dumped (as I've heard has happened already),

... if the Ohio machines that were used for Bush aren't used this election,

... if that any of McCain's relatives aren't the governor of any states,

... if some wacko from the back forty doesn't go psycho with the unconscionable McCain/Palin terrorism twist and off Obama

Yes, the continuing lies twitch me out, but I feel relatively OK about the presidency.


I live in the Land of Propositions (California). We have a number of interesting ones on the ballot this time. The one that's got me frothing is Prop 8, which eliminates the right of same-sex couples to marry.

I was at a dinner party last night. Person after person recounted their experiences when confronted by the ignorance and homophobia of the supporters of this bill :

Oh my god...did you read the Penguin book? It's adorable!!! What is their problem??? (the book is called And Tango Makes Three. Some parents in our small town are trying to get the book banned. It's won tons numerous awards. It's a true story of two male penguins in a zoo who hatched and raised a chick...OMG!!!!!)

My daughter had some dumb person tell her that this initiative is about the schools and that if they pass this proposition, no school will be able to mention the words "mom" or "dad" will have to be "parent."

Oh yeah...and did you see that commercial about the schools having to teach about "princes and princes marrying?"

Other conversations have focused on how we keep repeating patterns in this country and the inevetability of same sex marriage downline. One person suggested that if it doesn't pass now, it'll happen when the elders who are stuck all die off. Heck...fifty years ago, people wanted marriage to be between two people of the same race. The same hateful tone was used then, too...people were killed.

I've always had a very difficult time understanding the logic of basing one's whole choice on who should be president by that candidate's stance on abortion and gay marriage. The other day I found out the why's. According to at least one person, if they vote for the person who has "morals" (which to him meant no to both) then god will shine down and the country will be prosperous and blessed again. (" again?" Hm...and did everyone experience that at some previous mythical time?...or only the middle-class-and-up white males?)

My BA is in Religious Studies. I celebrate otherness.

However, this election and all the misconstructions, twisting and outright fear based lies told by supposed followers of Jesus are getting to me. I'm back into being easily tweaked by the Christian Right in ways I haven't been for over a decade.

Breathing ain't doin' it. Zen ain't doin' it. I find myself, once again, being intolerant of the intolerant, having no compassion for the incompassionate, and hating the hate filled. I sure hope this initiative loses or I might go postal.
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