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Preferences 72

Posted May 23 2011 11:52pm


Men have preferences and will refuse to date overweight, excessively tall, flat-chested and other women. They have always had the right to choose-now women are supposedly uninterested in looks and have no personal preferences about looks or anything else..if men can refuse to date women who don't meet their physical standards and preferences, then women can do the same thing. There is no reason to be nice about it if men are not nice about it.

Even if people say it doesn't matter, they don't do it themselves and follow what they say. Somebody can chide you for refusing to date an Asian man or a short, older man, but they refuse men with curved backs, braces, wheelchair-bound people, men who are too old or young, shorter men, etc. since they prefer the other ones. So there is no point in beating around the bush-people have preferences and they do discriminate on both sides, women are no different than men and nobody should give them a hard time about it, because they do it themselves.

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