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Permanent Nerve Damage?

Posted by steve i.

5 and a half months ago I was hit in my penis glans during basketball, instead of someone reaching in to steal the ball, they hit the tip of my penis, kind of like a snap, or a "tipper". The next day i woke up and the glans were numb, this lasted for almost a week, and ever since then sensation has been diminished.. I have seen a urologist and a nuerologist, both saying that they do not thing that the nerve is severed, and that i need to give it more time and it should heal. I am just just worried since it has been over 5 months... I cannot feel hot/cold temps, this is really scaring me, i just want my feeling back. It has gotten better, but barely. please help
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Exercising the muscles in the anal/genital region, including the penis might help restore full function most rapidly. The pubococcygeus muscle(s) runs from the pubic mound around to the tip of the tailbone at the coccyx.


Start by contracting these muscles as if you were stopping the flow of urine midstream. Practice this for a few days to get used to using these muscles. If you overdo it, you might get sore, but that is typical muscle training and not dangerous.


Then systematically try to isolate all the individual muscles that are located in this region and learn with repeated daily practice to squeeze or tighten just one muscle at a time, while all the others remain completely relaxed.


Here is an inventory of muscles you can learn to work with: lift the penis, pull the scrotum sac up tight to the body, contract the perineum (the spot between the testicles and the anus), contract or close the anus, tighten the right buttocks, the left buttocks, and finally the spot between the anus and the coccyx and the coccyx itself.


The key to mastery is that you learn to contract one muscle only at a time, while holding all others completely relaxed. Don’t allow yourself to get frustrated as this can take months of practice to be able to do this successfully.



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