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Period is almost a month late

Posted by mixedbeautee

I had my periodthe first week of March.Well my bf and I had unprotected sex on march 25,26 and 27th.My perod was to come that week.He never ejaculated inside of me.he would pull out but then after a minute or two enter me again.I thought that when sperm hits the air it immediately dies.Then I thought he still may have some on him while he entered me and there is a possibility I coul be pregnant.I havent checked becuase its been a week.I havent had the pre-menstural symptoms.What also really makes me think i may be is becuase my daughter and I cycles are within a week of one another and she just started hers and I havent got mine.
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Yes, it is definitely possible to get pregnant if the man re-inserts his penis into the vagina after he comes. If there is any residue of semen on the penis or still in the shaft, once the sperm enters the vagina, pregnancy is possible.


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