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One of our email members wrote a...

Posted Sep 28 2008 6:34pm

One of our email members wrote a really profound post in the group today about her journey and taking a step back and looking at some of her old emails with her and the ex and what she saw (in herself) then (when they were first breaking up) as opposed to now. I thought it was a great post and it gave me an idea.

I’d love to have people write to me about their process and how they’re coming out on the other side of it and I will front page it here on the blog with or without credit (your choice). It doesn’t have to be your whole process but can be or parts of it that you’d like to share. How you know you’ve made progress and what that looks like etc etc. So If you would like to be “front paged” just send me a post. I don’t care how long or how short or how practical or ethereal and I will put them on the blog with their own headings.

There are many of you who have been here a long time and have much to share. And I think we’d all love to hear it!!!

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