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On Dating and Writing About Dating While Dating...

Posted Aug 13 2010 9:06am

People always used to ask me, "Aren't you worried that guys won't want to go out with you because you write about your dates?"
First of all, I never told anyone that I wrote about dating. (Duh) Secondly, I didn't publish anything till three months later, - and they were never identifiable.
But most of the guys I went out with weren't the types to read what I wrote - which, now that I think about it, was kind of a problem (doncha think?). They either didn't read the paper I was writing for (ie, not connected to my community) or didn't google me (not connected to reading and writing).
Only twice did it seem to affect me: once, a guy I'd gone out with called to complain that I'd ranked on Republicans in one of my columns (I said they were not eligible for me) and he thought I was talking about him. Another person I was set up with never called me (which was unusual because usually a guy would have to go out with me a few times in order to not call me) and it was because he read my column.
The REAL question many people did I never meet because of what I wrote.
Tomorrow I'll tell you about the one that almost got away...
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