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Of cabbages and queens

Posted May 06 2009 1:33pm

In "The Queen," Prince Phillip bids Queen Elizabeth goodnight with "Good Night, Cabbage" in the midst of the media storm of criticism about the way the queen responded to Diana’s death. While everyone else is focusing on the brilliant performances, the accuracy of the portrayal, my heart stopped short and focused right there. I hardly saw the rest of the movie. The Royal couple suddenly became a loyal couple – they’ve been through good times and "Annus Horribilus" together, and she’s still his "cabbage." I don’t know if it happened in their real lives, but I hope so. I hope it’s a tidbit that one of the servants leaked. A little endearment like that has so much meaning to a long-married person like me -- who needs the craziness and ego of movie stars and Paris Hilton? "Good night, Cabbage" is more valuable than fame, power, beauty and riches. Dr. Romance understands that cosy familiarities a wonderfully satisfying reward for years spend being considerate and kind in your marriage; and thinks people are so busy chasing the exciting, the new, the Faaaaabulous, don’t really understand how it fills up the empty place inside. What phrase would make you feel truly loved and cherished?

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