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Night Terrors

Posted Sep 01 2010 12:00am
September 18, 2010 | By niccitalbot

Update: my friend Nicole suggests the following so we’ll see if it works!

“For night terrors I’d try the Bach Flower Remedy Aspen – it’s for fears where the cause of the fear can’t be named, and is commonly given to children suffering from night terrors.”

I had another broken night last night – 3-4 hours sleep and feel shattered today. It’s an ongoing thing, as Julieta is having . What to do? We’re all exhausted and there’s no easy solution. I’m just hoping it’s a phase three-year-olds go through and she’ll grow out of it. She finds it hard to settle at night and has slept in our bed but it’s not falling asleep that’s the problem: it’s the frequent waking and crying.

She has bad dreams, talks in her sleep, thrashes around, wants cuddles, and last night, wanted to go and sleep downstairs with me on the sofa. I tried to comfort and cuddle her but she got annoyed at being touched so it’s impossible to know what to do for the best. We went downstairs and I sat with her on the sofa until she fell asleep again. No hope of sleep for me so I made some tea and finished writing an article on fairtrade condoms.

Nighttime creativity is fine once in a while but the lack of sleep is a regular occurrence, and it’s wearing me down in all areas. I couldn’t even do basic arithmetic at work this morning. My mind just went blank. Highly embarrassing.

Any suggestions on how to deal with night terrors would be most welcome. I know it’s partly anxiety and she’s a hyper child. She’s bright and not immune to the fact that Matt and I are separating, but there isn’t a bad atmosphere at home. We’re amicable about the separation and things have been routine around the house. The night terrors have been going on for some time now, so I can’t attribute them solely to our break-up. Ask her about them the following morning, and she can’t remember anything at all. It’s frustrating.

I posted a status update on this morning to ask my girlfriends for their advice. Gina (my Celebration of Woman goddess) recommended homeopathy, saying it worked for her kids, and my Aussie girlfriend Rebecca sent her commiserations. Her son is on antibiotics again due to another ear infection/virus so her eyes are on stalks this week.  It seems most of us aren’t getting enough sleep and it does have a massive impact on your health, sanity and wellbeing. Rebecca, I send you a big hug!

I’ll look into homeopathy and see what it has to offer, and general relaxation techniques for me, as I’m finding it hard to switch off from work and wind down in the evenings. Perhaps if I’m more relaxed about things, Julieta will be too.

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