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new girlfriend hassles me about visiting my kid at my x-wifes place.

Posted by davidh

My name is David, recently separated from my wife Lisa, and recently dating a new woman, Emily.
Emily doesn't like it when I go to visit my child (who is 2) at my X's place, which I do about 4x a week.
She would rather my child comes to our place, which is just too inconvenient.
Basically she doesn't want me spending time with my X.
Really though, it's not much time with her, just enough to pick up my child and go to the park to play.
Lisa, my X, doesn't want Emily coming to the park, otherwise that would be a solution.
The only thing I can see, is Emily needs to grow up and realise this is not about her, it's about putting my child first, and respecting that my X is hurt and we don't want to provoke her.

statement from Emily: "I hate Lisa" (Lisa was mean to Emily a few months ago when she and I first got together, and still now when they do cross paths)

statement from Lisa: "this is nothing to do with me. it's a reasonable request that you go to the park with your kid alone. I'm hurt as it is and shouldn't have to let my kid spend time with your new girlfriend"

Emily wants to be able to bond with my child, and doesn't want to be out of the picture.
Emily and I will be getting married soon.

I'd invest pretty much every dollar I could afford if spending money would fix it. I want to spend my life with Emily and I want Lisa to have a happy life and motherhood.

thanks for taking the time to read and reply,
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I appreciate that insight, and will have Emily read this. thank you so much. I will check out your website as well! thanks! David
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