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My wife and I have been together for seveal months now but I still can't last in bed.

Posted Sep 04 2008 1:41am
If you somewhat trust the statistics, 90+ % among men who can't 'last', have a problem of... rubbing! This only means that maybe your wife's genitals aren't lubricated enough. This can be a real problem, particularly if she's a bit 'tight'. Two possibilities here - and several solutions :
1. Do you prepare her enough? I mean, do you manage some foreplay, with caresses, kind words, kisses overall, etc.? Is she excited enough? Are you getting her to climax once or more before intercourse?
Are you using some sexual toys/accessories during these moments?
2. Otherwise, maybe she could have some slight hormonal problem; in this case, she could benefit from consulting her gynecologist. Some ways to solutions :
1. The first is - even if you never forget to dedicate plenty of time to tender and sensuous foreplay - to use a... lubricant. If you're not yet accustomed to this kind of product, you can't imagine how much it improves the quality and the easiness of the intercourse. You'll find them in any supermarket or drugstore.
2. During foreplay, if you managed to provide her with 3 to 5 "pre"-orgasms with your kisses, caresses and sexual accessories, she will normally climax much faster during the intercourse itself. Moreover, she will be much more 'receptive' for it.
3. Do you pay enough attention to avoid routine, habit?? Women love to be surprised; they love feeling their man concerned by their own pleasure; it's why, when they're in love, they so much appreciate to change positions, to try some new tricks, to continually renew their sexual life and the ways they're coming to climax.
4. Seduction never begins in your bedroom... Do you think enough to improve or maintain the atmosphere at home in your daily life? I mean by letting her feel that you're CONCERNED by your relationship, by her happiness...
'cause you know, women always have a somewhat romantic inner side and you need absolutely to pay attention to that. That way, she could be much better in the mood for making love and you'll largely benefit of these good dispositions.
5. To find back the 'power' of your first youth, you could ask your physician a prescription of Cialis (®. Of course, you can buy it on the Internet, BUT be cautious : consulting a MD before using that kind of products is *necessary*. Indeed, some contraindications do exist. Anyway NEVER ever take more than one pill daily!
Obviously, I can't enter here in every details but I can assure you that you'll find all the information you need to improve any domain of your life as a couple in my e-book.
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