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My ex tested positive for herpes, never had any symptoms and I have never had any symptoms. i am concerned

Posted by colortones

   I have a concern, an ex-girlfriend of mine called me last night and told me she tested positive for herpes type 2. She went for testing because a previous boyfriend before our relationship claims she gave him herpes and only recently came out with that information. She never has had any symptoms in her life and I have not had any symptoms. She got a blood test to confirm that she has herpes. The last time we had intercourse was once about 7 months ago with a condom and previous to that about a year and half ago. During our relationship which started about 2 and a half years ago we had unprotected sex in the beginning months and soon after started using condoms. This previous boyfriend was in the picture several months before we were together which is over 2 and half years ago.Should I be concerned? I am leaving on a trip next week for 6 months so was not able to get an appointment in time to test. your thoughts are appreciated. thank you
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I can't answer your question directly but I can say this: It is possible to not have an outbreak and still have herpes (I don't know about the test to say if it could be incorrect).

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