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Monday Morning Amour

Posted Jul 21 2008 10:17am
I have long admired Wendy Piersall'sMonday Motivation.  There's nothing like starting your week off by prioritizing the things that you really need to get done.

So here's the question?  When you're putting your priorities together, do you take into account your marriage?  Where does your relationship fit on yourpriority list?  I know that I'm just as guilty as the next guy in forgetting to plan my wife into my busy weeks.  I need a little help reminding myself what's most important.

With that said, and with all due respect to, I'm announcing Monday Morning Amour - a weekly motivation to get myself (and all of you) to plan a little more romance into marriage.

Here's how it works:

1. Decide what romantic thing you're going to do for your spouse this week.  Could be anything.  From as simple as giving a foot rub to planning a romantic date, to planning a romantic vacation, the idea is for you to dosomething.

2. Let us know what you're going to plan by leaving a comment below.  If you want it to be a surprise, then just give a general idea (I'm planning a date), or, if it will help you get rolling, leave as much detail as you want to. 

3. Let us know what will motivate you to make sure it happens.  Plan a reward for yourself, or plan consequences if you fail, but make sure that it happens!  My goal as A Good Husband is to help inspire all the guys out there to go the extra mile, and, even more so, to make sure thatIgo the extra mile.  I want my wife to know that she is incredibly special, and this is a great way for me to do that.

So...what's my plan for this week?

I've been planning a romantic vacation for my anniversary.  Unfortunately I've been planning it for weeks and weeks, and haven't finished yet - not because it's so involved, as because I'm totally afraid of making the wrong plans and messing it all up.  Our anniversary is just over two weeks away and I need to pull the trigger.  So here goes -I will finalize plans and book whatever hotel(s) and transportation are necessary for my anniversary vacation, and I will do it by the end of this week.  We're going to the Oregon Coast.  I just have to finally pick where.

Leverage.  If I don't get this anniversary trip planned by the end of this week, then I will cut myself off from playing Xbox or watching TV until I do get it done.

But wait, there's more....

I'd like as many people to know about Monday Morning Amour as possible.  If you have a website, blog or are otherwise influential, let other people know about Monday Morning Amour.  At the end of this week, whoever sends the most traffic to this post will get some free advertising from me - I'll put up a button, banner or other ad for a week.

I can't wait to read your romance ideas. Let 'em rip!

Oh, and do me a favor and Stumble/ or otherwise book this post if you like it!  Thanks!

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