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Missing in Action on Valentine’s Day

Posted Jul 28 2008 8:14pm

On around Valentine’s Day, a cheating woman or cheating man will go out of his or her way to see the person with whom they’re having an affair.

When a Valentine’s gift has been bought, it must be personally given or received.

Be very suspicious of any unexplained absences that occur on Valentine’s Day. If your spouse or significant other disappears without an explanation, or uses a flimsy or trumped up excuse to do something that doesn’t involve you, the “Great Valentine’s Day Gift Exchange is probably taking place.

Gender Specific Excuses to Disappear on Valentine’s Day

Cheaters will come up with all kinds of plausible-sounding excuses to get away to spend time with the Other Woman or the Other Man on Valentine’s Day. The excuse a cheating Valentine uses will depend on whether the cheater is a woman or a man.

The #1 Excuse Men Use

The #1 excuse used by men is some type of work-related excuse.

Be very suspicious if your mate has to go to work early, stay late, or work through his or her lunch hour on Valentine’s Day.

  • Sherry’s husband said he had to drop off some important papers later that night to a colleague who lived across town.
  • Brandi’s boyfriend said he had to go back to his job because he was the last one to leave and he didn’t remember setting the alarm.
  • Yvette’s fiancé, a corrections officer, called to say his relief didn’t show up yet and it looked like he might have to work a double shift.

Make sure you check the previous post entitledValentine’s Day Signs of Infidelity that Tip You Off to a Workplace Affair.

The #1 Excuse Women Use

A cheating woman will generally use the excuse of a sick relative or friend.

Garrett’s Cheating Valentine Story

Denise told Garret her girlfriend Leeann was depressed because she wasn’t seeing anyone and was spending Valentine’s Day alone. She told Garrett she wanted to go by Leeann’s for a couple of hours to cheer her up and asked if he would mind if they had their Valentine’s dinner later that night. Garrett, being an understanding husband, told Denise he didn’t mind.

About two hours after Denise left, Garrett got a phone call from his brother saying that he and his wife went to a restaurant in the next town for a Valentine’s dinner, and saw Denise at a table in the corner with another man.

Garrett told his brother he was mistaken, because Denise was at Leeann’s house, but his brother insisted that Denise was there.

He was so insistent that Garrett got in his car and drove to Leeann’s house to prove to himself that Denise was there. Sure enough Denise’s car was parked in Leeann’s driveway, but there was no sign of Denise or Leeann.

Garrett parked across the street, a few doors down and waited. Eventually a car pulled into the driveway behind Denise’s car, and Denise got out. Garrett made a U-turn, blocked both cars in the driveway, and made such a scene that the neighbors called the police.

Telltale Signs That Show Up After Valentine’s Day

It’s still not too late to catch a Valentine’s Day cheater. Check back tomorrow to find out about some specific signs of infidelity that show up AFTER Valentine’s Day.

Meanwhile, check out the resources below for more information on how to catch a cheating Valentine:

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Request a free copy of the special report entitled21 Ways to Tell if You Have a Cheating Mate. E-mailInfidelityInfo@gmail.comwith“21 Ways - bv” in the subject line.

Refer to the chapter onAbsencesinIs He Cheating on You?” – 829 Telltale Signswhich contains 39 telltale signs. (Despite the title of the book, most of the signs in it apply to both cheating women and cheating men.)

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