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Men with Halos, Madagascar and Krispy Kreme on every corner…

Posted Apr 06 2009 7:10pm






A song I keep listening to over and over again.


Makes me happy and moves me for whatever reason… the lyrics.


Maybe because it is not often you hear of a woman recognizing the Halo of a man…


Women are angels… you hear it all the time- “she’s such an angel”-“she’s a saint.”


But do you hear women bestowing this adoration on a man? Not often…


Unless you’re Beyonce.


I am going to talk about something that I am probably going to get my ass kicked for in ten different directions.


I always know I am on to something when I bring a topic up in the car with my parents-


It is my little excavation test…


Dad sits silent without an opinion unless asked, Mom gets defensive?




On to something… keep digging.


My Mom has fought hard to keep her Pollyanna views in her understanding of men…


And that is OK- it is part her generation. Part her beliefs- part her need for things not to change.


She admits it and I am fine with it- I learn from it.


I had an epiphany one day-


Watching the movie Madagascar


Yep… I know.


Ben Stiller is the voice of the lion, Alex.


To me- the Alex character is the greatest and most simple analogy of the make-up of the male gender.


If you have not seen the movie-


Alex is a lion in a zoo- he has other zoo friends he has grown up with. In being transferred -their cargo ship wrecks and they end up in Madagascar.


Alex has never had issue with being around his hippo friend-or his zebra friend- or his giraffe friend.


Never had a craving- never felt that instinct within him to hunt.


That is while captive in the zoo…


Once he is free and in the natural surroundings of Madagascar-


His natural instincts begin to return day by day. And all though he still loves his friends as he did before- he finds it harder and harder to stop seeing them as a meal- the instinct almost overtakes his love and his senses.


I sat in that movie theater - licking the butter off of my fingers – as if I was listening to Socrates explain the life mysteries to me…only with the voice of Ben Stiller and Jada Pinkett Smith.


Is this not a mirror of life?


The natural hunter instinct of man.


In this case- the zoo represents Love, family, marriage, monogamy and a woman’s influence upon a man.

Hear me out…


Women are like containers.


Men are like a flow of electricity.


Or even better- men are like the flow of electricity and women are the conduit for which that electricity flows to a desired outlet.


Ever hear the expression “ Behind every good man there is a good woman?”


The natural instinct of a man is wild-


It is wide and broad.


A woman’s presence and love helps to contain the flow of that instinct and energy to a desired outcome.


Which in most cases is monogamy.


Men want to be better. They want to evolve.


If they didn’t they would take the easy road- be THEMSELVES.


The way they were born.


Wild and instinctual.


So many women take the stance that men should not be acknowledged for the gift of monogamy.


This is where I am going to get that ass kicking I spoke of earlier…maybe.


Men give the gift of monogamy.




It is not a natural instinct-


It is an  instinct based off of life conditions-


Based off of the desire to fit into  society- to please the person they love- to be considered a “good” man.


They learn to tune themselves into the flow, peace, love, affection and reward that turning away from their natural instinct brings to them.


Just like Alex the Lion-


He learned to love his friends- to ignore his natural instinct every day until it became easier to resist.


Men are faithful because they are good- decent men.


Men with Halos.


I hear women all the time saying “Well, he should be faithful! What? Am I supposed to praise him for something he SHOULD be doing in the first place.”


It is not about praise.


It is about acknowledging the effort men make to be better men.


It is about not taking for granted what this might take on an every day basis.


My lord- it would be like me and my passion and craving for Krispy Kreme.


What would I do if everyday there were Krispy Kremes walking down the street- bending over my desk- on every corner- in every moment of my day.


I know there is really no comparison between eating a donut and cheating.


I am talking about a natural craving- at least my Krispy Kreme craving is…


What would it mean to your man if you just took one moment today and looked at him-


With all the love, acceptance and gratitude in your heart-


Even if silently-


Acknowledging the gift he gives every day.


Of loving you so much…


I bet you might see a HALO after all.



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