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Men’s Health: Movember Update 3

Posted Nov 14 2008 7:18am

How do you turn an American Redneck into an English gentleman?  Apparently you shave the handlebars off of his Mo, comb his hair, and put a bow tie on him.  That’e me, there to the left, and this is me last week, showing my redneck roots.

Movember has been a fun thing for me to participate in.  While other men have probably raised far more money than me, I’ve raised a little bit, and it’s been really good to see.

There are all sorts of health problems out there besides Prostate Cancer.  I’ve had allergic asthma for about 14 years.  This type of asthma is more common among young boys than it is among girls for some reason, but I keep it under control by taking a daily inhaled steroid, and by exercising.

Now, I don’t know how much the average man exercises, but if it’s like me before I got motivated to take care of my asthma, it’s probably about once every 10th or 20th time he feels guilty about his physical shape.  Sound about right?

Turns out that while most men benefit from exercise, it’s actually vitally important for me to exercise, or my lungs stop working properly.  No oxygen = very cranky Good Husband.

What kind of exercising do I do you ask?  Well, for those new readers who don’t know, I have been engaged in the wonderful activity of commuting by bike to work.  I ride about 10 miles each way, morning and night.  I really enjoy the ride, it gives me time to think, listen to Olberman’s podcast, or just rock out to some great tunage.

Speaking of podcasts, I was thinking of starting a podcast.  Would you listen?

Remember, you only have two more weeks to donate to Men’s Health Research.

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