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Men only want sex (189 reads)

Posted May 27 2009 11:56pm

Guys (me included) get stuck on the stuff women say about sex. Women say they hate it when a man only wants them for sex, but yet they always go for that guy most of the time. A man hears "Men only want sex!" Getting past the sticking point of talking about sex with a woman you just met is hard to shake. That is something that held me back for a long time. Men who can' t get women tend to avoid talking about sex and try and be the anti sex guy. I don' t think that is the right approach or attitude to have with women. I know I like it when a woman take the lead and talks about sex or sexual situations. Why shouldn' t they? Lots of men seem to avoid the sex conversation. Makes me wonder if saying to a group of women "Hey! any of you ever been in a three way?" Is actually better then talking about the weather.
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