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Men, men, men, men- My idea of a Friday night business meeting:)

Posted Oct 07 2008 6:18pm
I had a meeting on Friday night- a meeting with an attorney about some representation on up and coming projects.

It was a beautiful night- we got a table on the patio- he had ordered me a drink before I arrived-

A mojito-

I didn’t hold it against him:)

When it came time to order the next drink- I ordered scotch and he said “make that two”.

When the scotch came to the table I, as I always do, took my straws out. He proceeded to drink his first sip from the little, tiny straws-

I looked at him with a sly smile and non-admonishingly said, “You can’t drink scotch from a sippy straw.”

He said he found that so “profound, yet hysterical”- he then made me say it into his iphone – I think it is the ring tone for when I call now…

As we sat discussing business, he recognized some other guys who had arrived and called them over to the table- they sat to join us and suddenly I went from sitting next to one man- to being surrounded by five.

I didn’t mind-

We began talking about drinks and one of the guys commented on how “hot” it was that I drink scotch- I guess I can get that… once he explained it to me-

As we sat talking the attorney started telling them about my book and my blog and the new radio show and one of the guys sitting at the table says, “You’re not the writer that wrote about the first date and James Bond- Defining drinks a date would bring to you , are you????”

I was pretty surprised- here I am sitting at a table when strangers walk up and one of them happens to read my blog on a regular basis-

It was the first time I had run into this- and at first I squirmed a little in my seat- almost felt voyer-ish to me- as if all the sudden I was standing in front of my high school class with no clothes on-

But then I got over it- as that is a bit hypocritical on my end!

I asked him how he found out about my blog and he said he reads a lot and was searching something and found it-

Cool- interesting to sit and speak with someone who has been reading all along- to see what they get out of it- to hear some feedback.

Especially men- since I have just as many male subscribers as I do women.

I am sure I am going to end up on you tube somewhere- the guy wore thick black rimmed glasses and I was dressed kind of sexy secretary-ish and so I put them on-

Of course- any woman who puts on a pair of glasses these days is compared to Sarah Palin-

I threw my hair up in a twist and as soon as I did-

The slew of iphones came out of their pockets faster than pistols in the wild wild west-

All with the record button pushed…

I can’t remember what I said- something about shooting a moose and maybe a reference to nymphomania… LOL

Cut me some slack!

It was the scotch:)

The attorney looked at me, smiled and said, “Now might be a good time as your attorney to tell you maybe not to do that…”

Oh well- it was pretty funny at the time and in my opinion everyone needs a good laugh right now anyway- to lighten up a little bit.

It was an interesting evening- sitting with all men- listening to their random thoughts- of course soaking it all in… for later posts.

See- even when I try to have a serious meeting something interesting always follows-

There you have my Friday night, I am kind of happy tomorrow is Monday- less trouble to get into?

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