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Me nd my boyfriend had sex but he never ejaculated inside of me and now I'm a month late on my period and stomach feels queazy a

Posted by lovely

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If by some chance you are pregnant, it could be by pre-cum (I don't know the technical term, sorry) or maybe it's just your nerves. Sometimes stress can cause you to miss your period. The best thing to do right now is to buy a pregnancy test. If it comes up negative, buy a couple of more just in case because pregnancy tests normally only botch when you have a negative result. If it comes up positive on your any of the tests you take, then schedule an appointment with your gynochologist.

 Hope I helped.

my bf never ejaculates in me but my last period was light and now my breasts have been sore for a week which is normla a couple days before my period but im not due for 4 5 mre days???
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