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Marital Issues????

Posted by Dave

Hello every on on the web who is taking time to read  this..

  I have been diagnosed with MS about two years now.  During those years, I didn't realize how life changing MS was. I really think I was in some state of denial. Ihad just gotten married yo my high school sweet heart. TALK ABOUT A BUMP IN THE ROAD Huh. since the diagnoses i have had walking, balance, pain, mood, sexual problems all peoblems associated with MS. My question was right now on a scale of 1-10 my wife is at a 8 border line 9. My question is what is the rate for DIVORCE with my MS.  Any one please give some insight what do i do Help....

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Well I cantt answer that but what I can say is that it takes a STRONG minded person to deal with what comes with M.S. its not easy...... 
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