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Make the Call!

Posted Sep 14 2008 10:15am

While I've heard a lot about him, I've never read too much of Tom Peter's work. That is starting to change.

I like the fact he writes short, brilliant, easily understandable quips. If you can't put something to use right away, or at least logically see how it will improve things in time, its a waste of time. None of that here.

In "100 Ways to Succeed #4", Peters demands we take the time RIGHT NOW to deal with that 'minor' misundertanding or that 'slightly bruised' ego. Pride, he suggests, or embarassment leads to putting it off one more day... and another... etc.

This ties in nicely to what a new friend recently spoke to me about - Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda. The main reason, he argued, that we 'walk in the city of regret' is that we fail to remember our purpose in life and that we let what we want or what feels good RIGHT NOW move our actions. (Or, avoiding that which does not feel good right now.)

I made a concious decision many years ago that I was going to be the best husband I could be to whoever was silly enough to say 'yes.' That is one of my few purposes in life. (I've only got three.) I revisit this purpose every day and it guides my actions. Taken in this light, saying "I'm sorry" or "What I can do to help" is easy.

Have you set your life up to easily make that call?

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