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Love is you and how to make it true

Posted Dec 02 2009 4:33am
A Facebook friend wrote on my wall today: “SocialInterview asked me “Would Halina Goldstein be a good rapper?” She answered: ”I don’t think that’s her “thang” today, but who knows what she’ll decide to try tomorrow!”

Within the next 2 minutes I noticed another post on Facebook and that led me to a video of a rap titled Love is you (I’ll show it to you in a moment). Wow! If I was to rap what’s on my mind/heart this would be it!

Because while rap isn’t my “thang” (yet?), sharing the experience of “Love is you” and supporting you in opening up to love in all aspects of your life is. Through

Look at this:

“Grace has come and cracked you open
but for some – no reason – you keep hopin’
for another thrill or another blast.
You’re tryin’ to find some love you think will last.

Well, listen ‘cuz there’s something that you need to hear:
Whatever you find . . . will disappear.
And if you’re tryin’ to return to a place you once saw,
give up your travel plans, cuz you won’t get far.

There’s only one kind of love that will ever be around.
It’s not the kind you find, and it’s not the kind you found.
And there’s only time that you will ever feel it,
only one place that you can reveal it.

Here and Now
Here and Now
Here and Now
Here and Now
That’s what we’re talkin’ about.

So listen very closely in this moment at this time
and you will see the love right here in the rhyme.
And there’s absolutely nothing that you need to do
‘cuz, very simply stated, love is you.

Love is You
Love is You . . . .

So when you stop your searchin’ and you stop your hopin’
the only thing you see is a heart wide open.
And there’s nothing left to do but to watch it all go
as love writes the rhymes and love runs the show.

Love is You
Love is You . . . .

Oh, and one more thing that I forgot to mention:
Give this love all of your attention,
‘cuz what you see is what you give
and there’s nothin’ more precious than the love you live.
There’s nothin’ more precious than the love you live.

Love is You
Love is You . . . (fade)

Grace is here, and you are open,
and there is no reason for you to be hopin’
‘cuz there’s absolutely nothin’ that you need to do.
There’s no denyin’ it: Love is you”

And now add music, color, life:

Now make it part of your life!

Oh, by the way: The video above was brought to me by these awakening movie guys!

“LOVE IS YOU” by the Premanator

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