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Little, invisible “GET OUT OF JAIL FOR FREE” cards…

Posted Mar 17 2009 2:33am






One can win the great triumph only if one is true to himself- Nietzsche


True to one’s self…



I think I might have just truly gotten this at around 7:30 am this morning-



For the first time in 34 years of life.



I have gotten it in bits and pieces over the years-



But this morning I made a conscience choice in myself…one that I have never 100% fully made in a situation.



On this Saint Paddy’s day I am passing out invisible “GET OUT OF JAIL FOR FREE” cards…



Remember that from Monopoly?



You are stuck and everyone else around you is buying Park Place and Baltimore Avenue…



Putting up their hotels and condos-



And then by some pure stroke of luck you pull the money card-





In my opinion-



In the real life game of “MONOPOLY”?



Forgiveness is the “GET OUT OF JAIL FOR FREE” card…



The only way to be true to oneself?



To let yourself and everyone else off the hook-



I write in my book that when you are holding onto resentment or pain from something someone has done or said to hurt you-



You are keeping that person in your little self made prison-



And guess what?



You are right there with them playing prison guard- in your little dark and dungy prison room of un-forgiveness.



There is no way to hold another captive in their faults without being right there with them.



So there is no freedom in holding on to an offense…



“One can win the great triumph only if one is true to himself”-



This is my little interpretation-



Let it go…



Let it all go…



Let them go…



Let what they did go…



Know this much-



A person with a whole heart always defends-



Never accuses…



If a person has done something or treated you below your worth-



They are not a person with a whole heart-



Set them and yourself free.



Who can you give a little invisible “GET OUT OF JAIL FOR FREE” card to this day?







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